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A list of IQ Skills in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

IQ is a statistic that is unique to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Its main purpose is to unlock IQ Skills, which are techniques that allow a Pokémon to make strategic decisions in a battle. IQ also affects the power of certain moves and allowing certain Pokémon to evolve. A Pokémon's IQ can be raised from eating Gummis, and the amount of IQ that a Pokémon gains depends on their type and Gummi color.

List of IQ Skills

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

IQ required Name In-game description
0 Item Catcher The Pokémon can catch and hold a thrown item. It can't make a catch if it is already holding an item. It also can't catch Seeds and drink items.
0 Course Checker If this Pokémon has a foe targeted for a move or a thrown item, it will check first for walls and other Pokémon that may get in the way. It will stop if there is an obstacle.
0 Dedicated Traveler The Pokémon will focus on traveling. It will use moves and items less often.
0 Item Master The Pokémon will use or throw its hold item.
0 Exclusive Move-User The Pokémon will only use moves. It will not use its regular attack.
5 PP Checker The Pokémon will stop using linked moves that are on the verge of delinking. It also stops using moves with no PP left.
10 Efficiency Expert When battling several foes, the Pokémon will first target Pokémon with the lowest HP.
25 Status Checker If its target has a status problem, the Pokémon will not use moves that cause the same status problem.
40 Nontraitor If it becomes Confused or is Cowering, the Pokémon’s wildly thrown attacks will not hit friends.
70 Self-Curer The Pokémon recovers faster from status problems.
100 Quick Dodger The Pokémon becomes better at evading attacks and moves.
110 Type-Advantage Master The Pokémon’s critical-hit rate is boosted when attacking foes with a type disadvantage.
130 Weak-Type Picker When battling several foes, the Pokémon will first target Pokémon that have a type disadvantage.
140 Trap Avoider The Pokémon often avoids stepping on visible traps.
160 Nonsleeper The Pokémon resists sleep from traps and the moves of foes.
200 EXP. Go-Getter When battling several foes, the Pokémon will first target the Pokémon that are worth the most Exp. Points.
250 Energy Saver The Pokémon’s Belly empties slower.
300 Lava Evader The Pokémon will avoid fiery lava.
400 All-Terrain Hiker The Pokémon gains the ability to walk on water, lava, and clouds.
500 Sure-Hit Attacker The Pokémon’s regular attacks never miss.
600 Trap Seer If the Pokémon is on an undiscovered trap, upon taking a step it will make the trap visible without setting it off.
800 House Avoider The Pokémon avoids monster houses.
990 Super Mobile The Pokémon gains the ability to walk on water, lava, and clouds. It can also dig its way through walls.
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