Jupiter Corporation

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Jupiter Corporation
Jupiter logo.png
Founded June 11, 1992
First Pokémon release Pokémon Pikachu (1998)
Latest Pokémon release Pokémon Picross (Nintendo 3DS) (2015)
Key people Makoto Nakayama (president)
Website http://www.jupiter.co.jp/e/

The Jupiter Corporation (株式会社ジュピター Kabushiki-gaisha Jupitā?) is a Japanese video game developer based in Kyoto. It was established on June 11, 1992.[1] They are best known for creating several Picross games for Nintendo consoles, including those with a Pokémon theme. Some of their other Pokémon games include the Pokémon Pinball series and various Pokémon mini titles. Jupiter also co-developed the Game Boy Camera software alongside Nintendo Research & Development 1.

Aside from games, Juptier is responsible for various Nintendo-licensed products, most of which are Pokémon-themed. Some of these products consist of Nintendo DS accessories and papercrafts such as Pokémon Craft.

List of Pokémon-related games[edit]

Aside from these games, Jupiter also developed Pokémon Picross for the Game Boy Color, although it was later canceled.