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List of Generation I Pokémon

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The Generation I games introduced the first 151 Pokémon. All of them are native to the Kanto region.


No. Image Name Type(s) Description
001 File:Bulbasaur FRLG artwork.png Bulbasaur Grass Poison A small, green dinosaur with a bulb on its back, Bulbasaur is one of the three Starter Pokémon in the Generation I games. Its name is a portmanteau of "bulb" and "dinosaur".
002 Ivysaur Grass Poison Ivysaur is the first stage evolution of Bulbasaur. Its name is a portmanteau of "ivy" and "dinosaur".
003 Venusaur Grass Poison Venusaur is the second evolution of Bulbasaur and the mascot of Pokémon Green Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version. Its name is a portmanteau of "Venus" (as in Venus flytrap) and "dinosaur".
004 Charmander Fire Charmander is one of the three Starter Pokémon in the Generation I games. It is a bipedal salamander-like creature with a flame at the end of its tail. Charmander's name is a portmanteau of "char" and "salamander".
005 Charmeleon Fire Charmeleon is the first evolution of Charmander. Charmeleon's design is similar, although it has red skin and is larger in stature. Its name is a portmanteau of "char" and "chameleon".
006 Charizard Fire Flying Charizard is a large, fiery dragon and the second evolution of Charmander. It is the mascot for Pokémon Red Version and its remake Pokémon FireRed Version. Its name is a portmanteau of "char" and "lizard".
007 Squirtle Water Squirtle is one of the three Starter Pokémon in the Generation I games. Its name is a portmanteau of "squirt" and "turtle".
008 Wartortle Water Wartortle is the first evolution of Squirtle. Its name is a portmanteau of "war", "tortoise", and "turtle".
009 Blastoise Water Blastoise is the second evolution of Squirtle, and is the mascot of Pokémon Blue Version. Its name is a portmanteau of "blast" and "tortoise".
010 Caterpie Bug Caterpie is a small, green caterpillar, and it releases an odor to repel bird Pokémon and protect itself from them.
011 Metapod Bug A green cocoon and the first evolution of Caterpie.
012 File:Butterfree FRLG artwork.png Butterfree Bug Flying A purple butterfly that is the final evolution of Caterpie.
013 Weedle Bug Poison A yellow caterpillar with a poisonous stinger.
014 Kakuna Bug Poison A yellow cocoon and the first evolution of Weedle.
015 Beedrill Bug Poison Beedrill is a bee with a poisonous stinger and the final evolution of Weedle.
016 Pidgey Normal Flying A very common bird found within the Kanto region.
017 Pidgeotto Normal Flying Pidgeotto is the first evolution of Pidgey. It is the second Pokémon that Ash caught in the entire anime.
018 Pidgeot Normal Flying A large bird that is the second and final evolution of Pidgey.
019 Rattata Normal A purple rodent with large teeth, Rattata gnaws on a lot of different objects.
020 Raticate Normal Raticate is the first and only evolution of Rattata. It also chews on objects, although Raticate's sharper teeth enable it to gnaw on tougher objects, such as steel, wood, or rocks.
021 Spearow Normal Flying Like Pidgeys, Spearows are a common type of bird within the Kanto region. Spearows have a brown body, although their wings are noticeably red.
022 Fearow Normal Flying Fearow is the first and only evolution of Spearow. Fearow's feathers are all brown, unlike Spearow, and Fearow has a red comb on its head.
023 Ekans Poison Ekans is a purple poisonous snake. Its name it "snake" spelled backwards.
024 Arbok Poison The first evolution of Ekans, Arbok is a purple cobra whose name is "cobra" spelled backwards but with "k" in space of "c". In earlier seasons of the anime, Jessie had an Arbok.
025 Pikachu Electric Pikachu is an electric mouse and the mascot of the Pokémon franchise. It is Ash Ketchum's main Pokémon throughout the anime. Pikachu is also the mascot of Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition and the main character of many spinoff titles, such as Hey You, Pikachu!. Pikachu is also a playable character in every Super Smash Bros. game. Starting with the Generation II games, Pikachu has a pre-evolution, Pichu.
026 Raichu Electric Raichu is the evolution of Pikachu, who can evolve into it from an Electric Stone. In the anime, Ash's Pikachu has not evolved into Raichu as it refuses to do so.
027 Sandshrew Ground A sand mouse who is encountered in desert areas. Its back has a brick pattern design, allowing it to blend into certain areas. In the Generation VII games, Sandshrews have an Ice/Steel-type counterpart.
028 Sandslash Ground Sandslash is the first and final evolution of Sandshrew. It has a pair of sharp claws.
029 Nidoran♀ Poison A poisonous mouse that, as indicated by its name, only consists of females. Its male counterpart is Nidoran♂.
030 Nidorina Poison The first evolution of Nidoran♀.
031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground The second and final evolution of Nidoran♀.
032 Nidoran♂ Poison A poisonous mouse that, as indicated by its name, only consists of males. Its female counterpart is Nidoran♀.
033 Nidorino Poison The first evolution of Nidoran♂.
034 Nidoking Poison Ground The second and final evolution of Nidoran♂.
035 Clefairy Fairy Clefairy is a pink star-shaped Pokémon. It was originally proposed to be joint mascot of the Pokémon franchise alongside Pikachu, but was quickly overshadowed by the latter's popularity. Starting with the Generation II games, Clefairy has a pre-evolution, Cleffa. Prior to the Generation VI games, Clefairy was a Normal-type Pokémon.
036 Clefable Fairy Clefable is the evolution of Clefairy, who evolves into it through use of a Moon Stone. Like Clefairy, Clefable is a Normal-type Pokémon prior to the Generation VI games.
037 Vulpix Fire Vulpix is a small fiery fox Pokémon. According to a Pokédex entry, when a Vulpix is born, it only has one white tail that splits into six if its Pokémon Trainer or mother gives it plenty of love, although its in-game sprites do not reflect this.
038 Ninetales Fire Ninetales is the evolution of Vulpix. Its design is inspired by the nine-tailed fox of East Asian myth.
039 Jigglypuff Normal Fairy Jigglypuff is an inflatable pink balloon, and has appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game as a playable character. Prior to the Generation VI games, Jigglypuff is a pure Normal-type Pokémon.
040 Wigglytuff Normal Fairy An evolution of Jigglypuff, it is also a pure Normal-type Pokémon prior to Generation VI.
041 Zubat Poison Flying A small bat which is commonly found in cave areas.
042 Golbat Poison Flying The first evolution of Zubat, Golbat also appears in many caves.
043 Oddish Grass Poison A small plant Pokémon which buries itself in the soil to absorb the nutrients. The more water it drinks, the glossier it becomes.
044 Gloom Grass Poison Gloom is the first evolution of Oddish. If Gloom senses nearby danger, it produces a horrific stench from the leaves on its head. It evolves into Vileplume when given a Leaf Stone, although starting with the Generation II games, Gloom evolves into Bellossom instead if given a Sun Stone.
045 Vileplume Grass Poison Vileplume is the second evolution of Oddish. It can spread toxic spores that will leave one sick for days. Vileplume is based on the Rafflesia, the world's smelliest flower.
046 Paras Bug Grass A small crab that has two mushrooms on its back. Most of the nutrients that a Paras gains from eating goes into its mushrooms, which can also be used for medicinal purposes.
047 Parasect Bug Grass Parasect is the evolution of Paras. Its back consists of one large mushroom.
048 Venonat Bug Poison A small poisonous bug covered in purple fur.
049 Venomoth Bug Poison A poisonous moth that is the evolution of Venonat.
050 Diglett Ground A mole-like Pokémon that only ever sticks its round head out, leaving the rest of its body underground.
051 Dugtrio Ground Dugtrio is the evolution of Diglett. It has the same appearance as Diglett but consists of three heads sticking out the ground instead of one.
052 Meowth Normal Meowth is a cat. There is one that is the main Pokémon of Jessie and James of Team Rocket. Meowth also appears as a Poké Ball Pokémon in the Super Smash Bros. games.
053 Persian Normal Persian is the evolution of Meowth. There is one that belongs to Giovanni in the Pokémon anime.
054 Psyduck Water A yellow duck that often suffers from chronic headaches, causing it to unleash psychic powers.
055 Golduck Water A tall, blue duck that is the first stage evolution of Psyduck.
056 Mankey Fighting A round Snub-nosed monkey-like Pokémon that specializes in physical fighting.
057 Primape Fighting Primeape is the evolution of Mankey. It is aggressive and short-tempered.
058 Growlithe Fire A brave and loyal dog Pokémon that will bark and bite to defend its territory from intruders. Growlithe are commonly used as both guard dogs and police dogs. They are based on the Ryukyuan Shisa and Japanese Komainu lion-dog statues.
059 Arcanine Fire Arcanine is the evolution of Growlithe. It is one of the strongest non-Legendary Pokémon.
060 Poliwag Water Poliwag is a small, dark blue tadpole. He is Satoshi Tajiri's favorite Pokémon.
061 Poliwhirl Water Poliwhirl is the first evolution of Poliwag. It evolves into Poliwrath if given a Water Stone or, starting with the Generation II games, Politoed if it is traded while holding a King's Rock.
062 Poliwrath Water Fighting One of Poliwhirl's two evolutions, Poliwrath has an added Fighting type. According to one of its Pokédex entries, Poliwrath is capable of swimming the Pacific Ocean tirelessly.
063 Abra Psychic A psychic Pokémon which spends most of its life sleeping. Even while doing so, Abra can sense danger.
064 Kadabra Psychic Kadabra is the first evolution of Abra. The symbols on Kadabra's body made it the subject of a real world controversy.
065 Alazakam Psychic A highly intelligent Pokémon that is the second evolution of Abra.
066 Machop Fighting A short, muscular humanoid Pokémon with a green body. Its muscles never get sore. It can throw about 100 adult humans before its arms get tired.
067 Machoke Fighting Machoke is the first evolution of Machop. Its body is purple instead of green.
068 Machamp Fighting A muscular Pokémon with four arms. It is the second evolution of Machop.
069 Bellsprout Grass Poison A plant Pokémon with a short, brown stem and a yellow head for a body.
070 Weepinbell Grass Poison Weepinbell is the first evolution of Bellsprout. Its hook on its rear end allows it to hook on to trees, which are where it sleeps from.
071 Victreebel Grass Poison Victreebel is the second evolution of Bellsprout. It resembles Weepinbell but has a more vicious appearance and a few sharp teeth.
072 Tentacool Water Poison A blue jellyfish Pokémon with the ability to poison others.
073 Tentacruel Water Poison Tentacruel is the evolution of Tentacool. It, like many other Pokémon evolutions, is mostly just a larger counterpart of its base form.
074 Geodude Rock Ground Geodudes are small rocks with a pair of arms, and they are often mistaken as being ordinary rocks.
075 Graveler Rock Ground Graveler is a large rock and the first evolution of Geodude.
076 Golem Rock Ground Golem is the second evolution of Geodude. It resembles a round, brown boulder.
077 Ponyta Fire A fiery horse which has flames as its tail and mane.
078 Rapidash Fire Rapidash is the evolution of Ponyta, but its traits are otherwise the same.
079 Slowpoke Water Psychic Slowpokes often lose their tails, although they have the ability to regrow them. Slowpoke tails are a delicacy and worth a lot of money.
080 Slowbro Water Psychic Slowbro is the first evolution of Slowpoke. Starting with the Generation II games, it evolves into Slowking.
081 Magnemite Electric Steel A small electrical magnet which has the ability to levitate. In the Generation I games, Magnemites are a pure Electric-type.
082 Magneton Electric Steel A fusion of three Magnemites. Starting with the Generation IV games, Magnetons can evolve into Magnezone. In the Generation I games, Magnetons are a pure Electric-type.
083 Farfetch'd Normal Flying Farfetch'd is a brown duck with a green onion stalk as its weapon. It is very protective of its stalk as it cannot live without it. In the Generation VIII games, Farfetch'ds from Galar can evolve into Sirfetch'd.
084 Doduo Normal Flying A two-headed bird Pokémon whose name is a portmanteau of "dodo" and "duo".
085 Dodrio Normal Flying A three-headed bird that is the evolution of Doduo. Its name is a portmanteau of "dodo" and "trio".
086 Seel Water A white seal Pokémon with a spike on its head.
087 Dewgong Water Ice Dewgong is the evolution of Seel. It, unlike its base form, also has an added ice type.
088 Grimer Poison A slippery heap of purple sludge that diets on garbage. Its slippery body enables it to slip through nearly any type of opening.
089 Muk Poison Muk is the evolution of Grimer, and has little difference besides its size.
090 Shellder Water A small, purple clam that always sticks out its tongue.
091 Cloyster Water Ice Cloyster is the evolution of Shellder. It is a black pearl that is heavily armored, and is protected within two shells.
092 Gastly Ghost Poison An orb-shaped ghost that releases poisonous, purple gas.
093 Haunter Ghost Poison Haunters is a purple ghost that consists of a head and two hands. It is the first evolution of Gastly.
094 Gengar Ghost Poison Gengars are the second evolution of Gastly. They are mischievous Pokémon who enjoy hiding within shadows.
095 Onix Rock Ground A snake whose body is made up of rock segments. Starting with the Generation II games, Onix evolves into Steelix.
096 Drowzee Psychic A yellow tapir that is based on the Japanese mythological creature, Baku.
097 Hypno Psychic Hypno is the evolution of Drowzee. It carries a pendulum, which it can use to put someone to sleep within a few seconds.
098 Krabby Water A Pokémon that is a basic red crab.
099 Kingler Water Kingler is the evolution of Krabby and essentially just a larger version of it.
100 Voltorb Electric An electric ball which resembles a Poké Ball.
101 Electrode Electric Electrode is the evolution of Voltorb. In the Super Smash Bros. series, it is a Poké Ball Pokémon. When released, Electrode uses Self-Destruct, although there is a chance it may fail.
102 Exeggcute Grass Psychic This Pokémon is a group of several pink eggs. Its name is a pun on "execute".
103 Exeggutor Grass Psychic Exeggutor is the evolution of Exeggcute. It is a coconut tree-like Pokémon based on the Jinmenju.
104 Cubone Ground A Pokémon that always wears a skull on its head and carries a bone with around.
105 Marowak Ground Marowak is the evolution of Cubone. Like its base form, Marowak also wears a skull on its head and carries a bone around.
106 Hitmonlee Fighting Hitmonlee's design is based on Headless men, from Greco-Roman mythology. This Pokémon is named after Bruce Lee.
107 Hitmonchan Fighting A fighting Pokémon which is similar to Hitmonlee. It is named after Jackie Chan.
108 Lickitung Normal A pink Pokémon with a very long tongue. Starting with the Generation IV games, Lickitung gained an evolution, Lickilicky.
109 Koffing Poison A purple, floating rock-like Pokémon that is capable of releasing poisonous gas.
110 Weezing Poison Weezing is the evolution of Koffing. One belonged to James of Team Rocket in early episodes of the Pokémon anime.
111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock A rhino-like Pokémon whose tackles are powerful enough to demolish entire skyscrapers.
112 Rhydon Ground Rock Rhyhorn is the first evolution of Rhyhorn. It is the first ever Pokémon created by Game Freak. Starting with the Generation IV games, Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior.
113 Chansey Normal In the Pokémon anime, Nurse Joys usually have a Chansey as their assistant. All Chanseys are females. Starting with the Generation II games, Chansey received an evolution, Blissey, and starting with the Generation IV games, she also received a pre-evolution, Happiny.
114 Tangela Grass A round Pokémon covered in blue vines. Starting with the Generation IV games, Tangela evolves into Tangrowth.
115 Kangaskhan Normal A female-only kangaroo Pokémon that has a baby kangaroo in her pouch. Kangaskhan's appearance is unchanged for her Mega Evolution, although the baby has grown slightly and is no longer in its mother's pouch.
116 Horsea Water Both Horsea and Seadra are blue horsefish Pokémon. Starting with the Generation II games, they received an evolution, Kingizor.
117 Seadra Water
118 Goldeen Water A small and basic goldfish Pokémon with a horn on its head.
119 Seaking Water Seaking is the evolution of Goldeen. It has a large, orange body.
120 Staryu Water Staryu is a brown starfish-like Pokémon.
121 Starmie Water Psychic Starmie is the evolution of Staryu. It is purple and has a second star that is semi-attached to its back, being able to spin 360°. Starmie also has a red jewel core.
122 Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy Mr. Mime is a Pokémon that is a pink mime. Starting with the Generation IV games, it has a pre-evolution, Mime Jr., and in the Generation VIII games, only Mr. Mimes in Galar can evolve into Mr. Rime. Prior to the Generation VI games, Mr. Mimes were purely Psychic-type.
123 Scyther Bug Flying A green mantis-like Pokémon. Starting with the Generation II games, Scyther can evolve into Scizor.
124 Jynx Ice Psychic Jynx is well known in that its early design spawned controversy for its resemblance to blackface, so its face color was subsequently changed to purple. Starting with the Generation II games, Jynx received a pre-evolution, Smoochum.
125 Electabuzz Electric Electabuzz is a yellow, electrical tiger-like Pokémon. Starting with the Generation II games, it has a pre-evolution, Elekid, and starting with the Generation IV games, it has an evolution, Electivire.
126 Magmar Fire Similar to Electabuzz, Magmar has received a pre-evolution, Magby, starting with the Generation II games and an evolution, Magmortar, starting with the Generation IV games.
127 Pinsir Bug Pinsir is a strong beetle-like Pokémon. It is capable of throwing things twice its weight.
128 Tauros Normal Tauros is a bison-like Pokémon. It does not have any evolutions.
129 Magikarp FRLG artwork.png Magikarp Water Magikarp is well known for being one of the weakest Pokémon. Its signature move, Splash, has no effect in battle. Magikarp eventually evolves into the powerful sea dragon, Gyarados.
130 Gyarados Water Flying Gyarados is the evolution of Magikarp. It is inspired by the myth of a carp jumping over the Dragon Gate. Gyarados's vicious and raging attitude can decimate cities.
131 Lapras Water Ice Lapras is a large, blue plesiosaur-like Pokémon found on the waters. It has a gentle nature. Lapras can give characters a ride across the water if they sit on its back.
132 Ditto Normal A purple gelatinous-like Pokémon that can transform into any Pokémon it comes across.
133 Eevee Normal Eevee is a small brown fox that has multiple evolutions, named eeveelutions. The Pokémon it transforms into depends on which evolution stone it has been given. In the Generation I games, Eevee can evolve into either Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. In the Generation II games, it received two more eeveelutions, Espeon and Umbreon. In Generation IV, Eevee received another two, Leafeon and Glaceon. Generation VI introduced one more eeveelution, Sylveon.
134 Vaporeon Water Vaporeon is the Water-type evolution of Eeevee.
135 Jolteon Electric Jolteon is the Electric-type evolution of Eevee.
136 Flareon Fire Flareon is the Fire-type evolution of Eevee.
137 Porygon Normal Porygon is a bird-like Pokémon that can enter cyberspace at will. It is infamous for being featured in a Pokémon anime episode, "Dennō Senshi Porygon", that caused widespread epileptic seizures in Japanese viewers. As a result, Porygon never appeared in the anime again. Starting with the Generation II games, Porygon received an evolution, Porygon2, and another evolution in Generation IV, Porygon-Z. Both of Porygon's evolutions have never appeared in the anime.
138 Omanyte Ground Water An ancient Pokémon that can be resurrected from a Helix Fossil.
139 Omastar Ground Water Omastar is the evolution of Omanyte.
140 Kabuto Ground Water Similar to Omanyte, Kabuto is an ancient Pokémon that can only be revived from a fossil, in its case, the Dome Fossil.
141 Kabutops Ground Water Kabutops is the evolution of Kabuto. Its slender body makes it a fast swimmer.
142 Aerodactyl Rock Flying An ancient Pokémon that is purple and pterodactyl-like. Aerodactyl can be revived from an Old Amber.
143 Snorlax Normal A giant bear-like Pokémon that spends most of the time sleeping. This often results in it blocking paths involuntarily.
144 Articuno Ice Flying Articuno is a giant ice-elemental bird and a Legendary Pokémon. It is part of the Legendary Birds trio, along with Zapdos and Moltres.
145 Zapdos Electric Flying Zapdos is a giant electric bird which is a Legendary Pokémon and a member of the Legendary Birds trio.
146 Moltres Fire Flying Moltres is a giant fiery bird which is a Legendary Pokémon and a member of the Legendary Birds trio.
147 Dratini Dragon Dratini is a small sea serpent Pokémon. Its main characteristic is its constant growth.
148 Dragonair Dragon Dragonair is the first evolution of Dratini, as result of its constant growth. Besides a larger body and a different face, Dragonair has a similar appearance to Dratini.
149 Dragonite Dragon Flying Dragonite is a large, orange dragon that evolves from Dragonair. Unlike Dratini and Dragonair, which have a very similar appearance, Dragonite has an entirely different appearance from them.
150 Mewtwo Psychic Mewtwo is a large cat and a Legendary Pokémon. It was featured in many Pokémon films, including Pokémon: The First Movie, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution. Mewtwo also appears as a playable Pokémon in a few Super Smash Bros. games, including Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
151 Mew Psychic A pink cat that is both a Legendary Pokémon and an Event Pokémon. It is featured in Pokémon: The First Movie alongside Mewtwo. Like Ditto, Mew can transform into other Pokémon.