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Mew FRLG artwork.png
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions artwork
First appearance Pocket Monsters Red and Green Versions (1996)
Latest appearance Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (2021)
Generation Generation I
Category New Species Pokémon
Evolves from N/A
Type(s) Psychic
Height 1'04" (0.4m)
Weight 8.82 lbs. (4.0 kg)
Gender ratio Genderless
Pokédex color Pink
Egg group(s) No Eggs Discovered
Abilities Synchronize
Pokédex navigation
National Pokédex:
Mewtwo | Mew (#151) | Chikorita
Johto Pokédex:
Mewtwo | Mew (#255) | Celebi

Mew is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Generation I titles Pocket Monsters Red and Green Versions (released internationally as Pokémon Red and Blue Versions). Mew resembles a pink cat, and can move around in midair. It contains the DNA of all Pokémon, allowing it to learn nearly any move that isn't exclusive to one group of Pokémon. Another Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo, is a clone of Mew, and it was created as a result of Mew's DNA being cloned. Both Mew and Mewtwo are the center focus of the film Pokémon: The First Movie.

Mew is one of the rarest Pokémon, and can usually only be obtained in the core series titles through real-world events. Because of Mew's rarity, players have often resorted to using a cheating device to obtain it. Mew can also learn any TM and HM.

The name "Mew" is based on "meow," an onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes, referring to its size and cat-like appearance.

Game history

Pokémon series

Pokémon Red and Blue Versions / Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition

In Pokémon Red and Blue Versions and Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition, Mew could only be officially obtained by Nintendo personnel, either at special Pokémon conventions or by players sending in their cartridges to certain personnel to add Mew into their game. These transfers have sometimes also been accompanied with printed certificates with the Mew’s ID number. Players have also exploited the Mew glitch to obtain Mew.

In the Pokémon Mansion, there are a series of journals with short entries discussing Mew. A July 5 entry reveals that Mew was discovered deep in the jungles of Guyana, South America by a group of scientists, who caught Mew and brought it to their laboratories on Cinnabar Island. A July 10 entry says that they christened Mew. Seven months later, on February 6, a journal entry mentions that Mew gave birth to Mewtwo.

Pokémon Emerald Version

The player character encountering Mew in Pokémon Emerald Version

In Pokémon Emerald Version, Mew can be caught on an island named Faraway Island, which only becomes accessible if the player character has the event item Old Sea Map. At Faraway Island, the player character can find Mew in a clearing filled with grass. Mew attempts to hide in the grass, and the player character has to chase it and corner it to battle it.

On September 30, 2006, a level 10 Mew was distributed at Toys 'R' Us stores in the United States as a part of a promotional event in conjunction with Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Aside from Pokémon Emerald Version, the distribution was compatible with all Generation III core series titles, including Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions. This Mew begins with the moves Transform and Pound, and can eventually learn moves such as Mega Punch and Ancientpower. "MYSTRY" is listed as the Pokémon's OT, likely referring to the "Mystery" part of the title Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl screenshot of Mew dropping a CD for Lucas to collect.

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Mew has appeared in every installment to date. It can be summoned from a Poké Ball, and upon being summoned, Mew says its name and flies up off the screen. In Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mew has a one in 251 chance of appearing from a Poké Ball. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the special bonus "Mew Catcher," worth 10,000 points, is awarded to the player whose fighter freed Mew from a Poké Ball.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, upon appearing, Mew drops a CD (or a sticker if every CD has already been obtained). It instead has a one in 493 chance of appearing, reflecting the total number of Pokémon within the most recent core series games at the time, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Mew drops a Custom Part or a trophy. Like the other Legendary Pokémon, Mew can sometimes be summoned from a Master Ball. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mew sometimes may also drop a CD.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mew returns as one of the Legendary Pokémon that can be summoned from a Master Ball. It is also featured as a spirit.

Pokémon Snap series

Pokémon Snap

In Pokémon Snap, Mew is the only Pokémon found in the seventh course, Rainbow Cloud. Mew cannot be immediately photographed because it is protected by a green bubble that lights up whenever the player character readies their camera. The only way to get a capture of Mew is by using food and Pester Balls to stun it for long enough.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, after completing the main story, a man appears in Mt. Battle asking the player to show him a Mew. In doing so, he quizzes them with some questions, and by answering all of them correctly, the man teaches Mew up to four moves of the player's choice. The player is given a selection of 100 moves, and among them are six moves that Mew does not otherwise learn in the main Pokémon series: Faint Attack, Fake Out, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Trick, and Zap Cannon.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Mew appears randomly between floors 36 and 98 of the Buried Relic if the player has the Music Box item in their toolbox. Mew only joins the team if the player has the Friend Area "Western Island Area" or "Final Island".

Pokémon Trading Card Game

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Mew is a specialty figure in the trading card game and appears in the following sets:

  • Southern Islands (Psychic-type)
  • Expedition (Psychic-type)
  • EX Legend Maker (Psychic-type)
  • EX Legend Maker (as Mew EX, a Psychic-type)
  • EX Holon Phantoms (as Mew EX, a Psychic-type)
  • EX Holon Phantoms (Psychic-type)
  • EX Dragon Frontiers (as Mew Star, a Water-type "Delta Species" Mew)

Mew EX from Legend Maker has abilities which are most similar to its video game counterpart. Mew EXs Poke-body allows it to use any attack on any Pokémon in play; similar to the video game where Mew can learn almost any attack in the entire game. This version of Mew was featured primarily in the Mewtric deck, the deck that won the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships 2006. Invented by Seena Ghaziaskar and Matt Moss, the deck played by Jason Klaczynski to win the title was played alongside several Manectric EX's.

In addition, Mew appeared twice through promotional means in early stages of the game: once as the Psychic-type Blackstar Promo #8 and #9, and again as the Psychic-type Blackstar promo #47, commonly referred to by fans as the "Lilypad Mew" because of its artwork.

Mew has also appeared once as Ancient Mew as a promo for Pokémon: The Movie 2000. The card is generally considered unusable in battle, as it is written in Medieval Runic and must be translated before use. In addition, the reverse of the card does not use the standard design, causing the Ancient Mew to stand out conspicuously when shown face down with other cards (this altered back also makes the card ineligible for play in any Pokémon Tournament). Ancient Mew's HP is 30, and its technique is "PSYCHE" which requires two Psychic Energies to do 40 damage.


Super Smash Bros. Melee trophy

Name Image Game Description
Mew SSBM Trophy Mew.png Pokémon Red & Blue
Mew is an extremely rare Pokémon that has been seen by only a few people. Information on every Pokémon in the world is contained in Mew's cell structure, so it has the ability to use any and all TMs and HMs. Some Pokémon scholars believe Mew to be the ancestor of all existing Pokémon, but the idea is debatable.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy

Name Image Game Description
Mew SSBB Trophy Mew.png GB Pokémon Red/Blue
DS Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
A New Species Pokémon. An extremely rare Pokémon that contains the DNA of all other Pokémon, it is thought by many scholars to be a Pokémon ancestor, considering the wide range of moves it can use. On top of being able to make itself invisible, Mew can also transform into any opponent Pokémon and use characteristics and moves in exactly the same way.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker

Name Image Game Effect Usable by
Mew SSBB Sticker Mew.png Pokémon series [Body, Spin] - Attack +4 Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U trophy

Name 3DS trophy Wii U trophy Category Appears in Trophy Box Description
Mew SSB3DS Trophy Mew.png SSBWU Trophy Mew.png Poké Ball GB Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue (09/1998)
GBA Pokémon Emerald (05/2005)
40: Kanto Region Flag of USA.png Mew is a Pokémon previously thought to be extinct but rediscovered by Dr. Fuji. This Legendary Pokémon doesn't often show itself to humans, so it is considered quite lucky to see one. In Smash Bros., Mew will appear and then use Fly to sail away, leaving behind a gift. Thanks, Mew!
Flag of Europe.png Mew was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered by Dr Fuji in Guyana. This Mythical Pokémon doesn't often show itself to humans, so it's considered very lucky to see one. In this game, it will float upwards and leave a present behind. If only Mew would turn up more often, eh?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit

No. Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
465 Mew SSBU Spirit Mew.png Pokémon Series Support (1) Legend Special-Move Power ↑ Challenge (Adventure: Win in the final round without being KO'd.); Spirit Board Mewtwo Rule: Invisibility
Hazard: Fog
  • The stage is covered in fog
  • Timed battle
  • The enemy is invisible after a little while
Kongo Jungle Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue Medley


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミュウ
Myū (romanized)
Mew (trademark)
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