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Online Paint by Numbers: Scorbunny and Pikachu

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Online Paint by Numbers: Scorbunny and Pikachu is a paint-by-number Play Nintendo activity in which the player must color in a picture of Pikachu and Scorbunny.[1]

To play the activity, the player has to apply colors from a palette onto line art. The picture is divided into numbered parts which can only be filled in with a color marked with the same number. The player can zoom in and out of the picture using the +/- buttons beside the canvas or, exclusively on touchscreen smart devices, by pinching the screen. Other options available include resetting the picture to its default size, undoing the last action performed, and erasing all color currently added to the picture. At any point, the player can click "I'm done" to prompt a screen from where they can download the picture in its current state. They can also select "Download blank version" to download the picture in its colorless state directly.

Webpage description

Pikachu & Scorbunny paint-by-number challenge

Pikachu and Scorbunny enjoy colorful adventures through the Galar Region in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. But it seems like they’ve lost their *actual* colors here! Can you fill in all the missing colors in this Play Nintendo paint-by-number challenge?



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