Pikachu's Winter Vacation (home media)

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Pikachu's Winter Vacation
Pikachu's Winter Vacation DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Release date VHS:
USA 1999
UK 2001 (reissue)
USA 2004
Running time 40 minutes (VHS)
45 minutes (DVD)
Number of episodes 2 (VHS)
Region(s) 1, 2

Pikachu's Winter Vacation is a VHS and DVD release which consists of a few winter and Christmas-themed Pikachu shorts. It was first released on VHS in 1999, and was later released on DVD in 2004. The original VHS release includes two episodes, "Winter Vacation" and "Winter Games". In 2001, Pikachu's Winter Vacation had a VHS release in the United Kingdom, and it included two more episodes from the Pokémon Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2 VHS, "Winter Vacation 2" and "Stantler's Little Helpers". The DVD release features the same episodes from the 2001 UK VHS.