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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions artwork

Piplup is a small, blue penguin and the Water-type Starter Pokémon of the Generation IV games, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions and Pokémon Platinum Version. Piplup evolves into Prinplup at level 16 and then Empoleon at level 36.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Piplup is one of the Poké Ball Pokémon. If released, the Piplup uses Surf to try and knock opponents off the stage, although this deals little damage.

In the anime, Dawn has her own Piplup, whom she befriended after she saved it from a group of Ariados.

General information[edit]


Piplups have yellow feet, a yellow beak, a light-blue body, and a circular, blue head. They have two white spots on their chest and white circles around their eyes. Piplups have a layer of fine down covering their bodies to protect them from frigid waters and hot temperatures. They live along shores in northern countries, and are skilled swimmers. Piplups can dive for over 10 minutes, especially while hunting for prey. Piplups are skeptical, as they dislike receiving food from others. Piplups often stumble as they walk.


Piplup's name is derived from the onomatopoeia "plop", the sound of a small splash. It could also be derived from the onomatopoeia "peep peep", which is a sound made by baby birds.

The Japanese name Pochama is a portmanteau of the Japanese words referring to splashing in water (ぽちゃぽちゃ pochapocha?) and child (坊っちゃま obotchama?) since it is a Basic Pokémon.


Piplup was revealed on August 5, 2006 along with the other Starter Pokémon of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions, Turtwig and Chimchar.[1] Its English name was first officially confirmed in Nintendo Power's April 2007 (Volume 214) issue.


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Pokédex entries[edit]

Game(s) Description
Pokémon Diamond Version Because it is very proud, it hates accepting food from people. Its thick down guards it from cold.
Pokémon Pearl Version It lives along shores in northern countries. A skilled swimmer, it dives for over 10 minutes to hunt.
Pokémon Platinum Version A poor walker, it often falls down. However, its strong pride makes it puff up its chest without a care.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポッチャマ


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