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The News List menu showing Pokémon News issues in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

The Pokémon News, also known as PKMN News, is a publication in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It is a newsletter that provides information on the game mechanics and ongoing events within the Pokémon world. Pelipper occasionally drops an issue of Pokémon News into the Rescue Team Base mailbox, provided it has enough room.

News List[edit]


#1 Welcome to a Rescue Team!
To All New Members!
Your badge has the power to send back to town any Pokémon you've rescued. Just hold the badge up, and it does the rest. By completing rescue jobs, you will be awarded points that raise your team's ranking. Aim for the Bronze Rank for now!
- Pokémon Rescue Organization -
#2 Rescue Team Basics
Saving Your Adventure and Pokémon News
You can save your adventure by going to your bed. Get in the habit of saving often. You should also store old Pokémon News. If the Mailbox is full, you won't get the latest issue of the news or any job mail. Check the Mailbox and store old news!
#3 Accepting Rescue Jobs
If you want to go on a rescue job listed on the Bulletin Board at the Pelipper Post Office, or one that's delivered to your Mailbox, you first need to Accept the job, then choose Take Job. Only then will you be able to handle that job.
Try to do accepted jobs quickly!
- Pokémon Rescue Organization -
#4 Getting Hungry
Eat Something When You Get Hungry!
While you're exploring a dungeon, you will get progressively hungry (your Belly goes down). If you become famished, you will eventually lose HP and even faint.
That's why you should eat something to fill your Belly! You can always buy food at the Kecleon Shop.
#5 Throw Seeds!
Seeds Can Be Thrown, Too!
Seeds are usually meant to be eaten. But did you know? They can also be thrown at other Pokémon to unlock their effects. Toss seeds you don't want to eat at foes! Throw good seeds at your friends!
Don't be afraid to throw your seeds!
#6 Recent Natural Disasters
Investigations Under Way into Recent Rash of Natural Disasters
Pokémon in affected areas attack any outsider without hesitation. Some believe a mysterious force is behind their behavior. One source blamed Diglett for triggering earthquakes, but the investigative team is skeptical.
#7 Game Options
Change Your Option Settings to Suit Your Play Style!
Press (B) to open the menu, then choose Others and Game Options. You can change settings to suit the way you play.
#8 Let's Use Moves!
The Benefits of Using Moves
If a move is used on a foe, when it is defeated, you earn more Exp. Points! A move only has to be used once on a foe: after that it can be defeated using a regular attack to earn more Exp. Points. Moves are also more likely to become critical hits! Don't overuse them, though!
#9 Wonder Tiles
Wonder Tiles Reset Attack and Defense!
If your Attack is lowered by a foe's Growl, or your Defense is lowered by a foe's Tail Whip, for example, the affected stat can be reset to normal by stepping on a Wonder Tile or going to the next floor. Beware, enhanced stats are also reset to normal!
#10 Mysterious Dungeons?
If your rescue team is defeated in a dungeon, you lose several items and all the money you are carrying. Beware of what you're carrying before you go off on a rescue or an outing. Use Kangaskhan Storage to keep invaluable items safely stored.
#11 Types and Matchups
Learn How Types Match Up!
All Pokémon are of certain types, such as Fire and Water. In a battle, the damage inflicted depends on how the Pokémon's type matches up with the move's type. For example, a Fire-type Pokémon is weak against Water-type moves. Exploit type matchups to win battles!
#12 Linked Moves Entry Level 1
These Are the Recommended Linked Moves for Beginners!
Grass, Fighting, and Ground Types
Vine Whip + Growl
Razor Leaf + Growl
Leer + Pound
Leer + Low Kick
Tail Whip + Bone Club
#13 Linked Moves Entry Level 2
Fire and Normal Types
Ember + Growl
Leer + Tackle
Ember + Growl
#14 Linked Moves Entry Level 3
#15 Poll: Top Two Items
#16 Seven Wonders of Pokémon
#17 Moving as a Team
#18 Adding Team Members
#19 Important Moving Tips
#20 Secrets of the Gummi
#21 The Ultimate Dungeon
#22 New Types of Machines?
#23 Train at the Makuhita Dojo!
#24 New Floor Tiles?
#25 IQ
#26 The Range of Moves
#27 Sweet Hands!
#28 The Key
#29 Azurill--the Little Hero!
#30 Dungeons and Weather 1
#31 Pecha Scarf--Top Popularity!
#32Wobbly Wobbuffet Wanders!
#33 Dungeons and Weather 2
#34 Where is Kecleon?
#35 Switching Leaders
#36 Key Items for Pokémon 1
#37 Key Items for Pokémon 2
#38 Noxious Gas Leak?!
#39 Castform's Daily Weather
#40 Smeargle Painting Auctioned!
#41 Kabuto Feels Young Again!
#42 Chansey's Fortune-Telling
#43 Fan Club Seeks Members!
#44 Rawst Berry's Effect
#45 Vileplume's Weighty Problem
#46 Sea Rescue a Success!
#47 Beware of Pitfalls
#48 Slakoth Pillows for Insomnia!
#49 Linked Moves Pro Level 1
#50 Linked Moves Pro Level 2

Story issues[edit]

A Letter from Pelipper
Pokémon News Extra 1
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Buried Relic Discovered!
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