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Pokémon Quiz

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The Pokémon Quiz is an event that appears in nearly every Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game. It is used to determine which Pokémon is the player character. The quiz was absent in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity but returned in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, which has an added option of ignoring the results and selecting a Pokémon at the end.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

The Pokémon Quiz in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Welcome! This is the portal that leads to the world of Pokémon! But before I can let you through, I have several questions for you. I want you to answer them sincerely. Are you ready? OK... Let the interview begin!


Up to eight of the following questions may be asked in a single quiz.

A delinquent is hassling a girl on a busy street! What will you do?
  • Help without hesitation. (+3 Brave)
  • Help, even if scared. (+2 Hardy, +2 Brave)
  • Call the police. (+1 Docile, +1 Timid, +1 Relaxed)
  • Do nothing out of fear. (+2 Timid)
A foreign person has started up a conversation with you. To be honest, you don't have a clue what he's saying. How do you reply?
  • Haha! Yes. Very funny! (+3 Jolly)
  • Um, could you say that again? (+2 Hardy)
  • Right...well I gotta go. (+2 Timid)
A friend brought over something you'd forgotten. How do you thank your friend?
  • Say thank you regularly. (+2 Docile)
  • Say thanks with a joke. (+1 Naive, +1 Lonely)
  • Say thanks, but be cool. (+2 Sassy)
A human hand extends out of a toilet! What would you do?
  • Scream and run. (+2 Timid)
  • Close the lid without a word. (+1 Hardy, +2 Calm)
  • Shake hands with it. (+2 Brave, +1 Impish, +1 Naive)
A test is coming up. How do you study for it?
  • Study hard. (+2 Hardy)
  • At the last second. (+2 Relaxed)
  • Ignore it and play. (+2 Impish)
Are there many things you would like to do?
  • Yes. (+1 Hardy, +2 Impish)
  • No. (+1 Sassy, +2 Quirky)
Are you a cheerful personality?
  • Yes. (+2 Jolly, +1 Naive)
  • No. (+1 Sassy, +1 Quirky)
Are you often late for school or meetings?
  • Yes. (+1 Sassy, +2 Relaxed)
  • No. (+2 Hardy, +1 Hasty)
Can you focus on something you like?
  • Yes. (+2 Hardy, +2 Docile)
  • No. (+2 Quirky)
Can you go into a haunted house?
  • No problem. (+3 Brave)
  • Un...n-no... (+2 Timid)
  • With someone I like. (+2 Sassy)
Can you sincerely thank someone when you are grateful?
  • Yes. (+2 Docile, +1 Calm)
  • No. (+2 Sassy, +1 Quirky)
Do others often call you childish?
  • Yes. (+1 Jolly, +2 Naive)
  • No. (+2 Calm)
Do others tell you to watch what you say?
  • Yes. (+1 Impish, +2 Sassy)
  • No. (+2 Calm)
Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement?
  • Yes. (+2 Calm)
  • No. (+2 Impish)
Do you fall asleep without noticing?
  • Yes. (+1 Calm, +2 Relaxed)
  • No. (+2 Hardy)
Do you feel lonesome when you are alone?
  • Yes. (+1 Timid, +2 Lonely)
  • No. (+2 Sassy)
Do you get the feeling you've slowed down lately?
  • Yes. (+2 Relaxed)
  • No. (+1 Impish, +2 Hasty)
Do you hate to be the last person to leave class at the end of the day?
  • Yes. (+2 Lonely, +1 Timid)
  • No. (+3 Brave, +1 Relaxed)
Do you like groan inducing puns?'
  • Love them! (+1 Impish, +3 Naive)
  • A little. (+2 Jolly)
  • Spare me. (+2 Sassy)
Do you like pranks?
  • Yes. (+2 Impish)
  • No. (+1 Docile, +1 Relaxed)
Do you like to imagine things for your own amusement?
  • Yes. (+2 Naive)
  • No. (+2 Hasty)
Do you like to noisily enjoy yourself with others?
  • Yes. (+2 Jolly, +1 Lonely)
  • No. (+1 Timid)
Do you like to fight?
  • Yes. (+1 Impish, +2 Timid)
  • No. (+2 Calm, +1 Lonely)
Do you occasionally consider yourself to be dull and over cautious?
  • Yes. (+2 Calm, +1 Lonely)
  • No. (+2 Hardy)
Do you often yawn?
  • Yes. (+2 Calm, +1 Relaxed)
  • No. (+1 Hardy, +2 Hasty)
Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden?
  • Yes. (+2 Quirky)
  • No. (+2 Hardy)
Do you tend to laugh a lot?
  • Yes. (+1 Docile, +2 Naive)
  • No. (+2 Quirky)
Do you think you are cool? Be honest.
  • Yes (+2 Sassy)
  • No. (+2 Relaxed)
Grab any finger on your left hand. Which digit did you grab?
  • Thumb. (+2 Timid)
  • Index Finger. (+2 Hasty)
  • Middle Finger. (+2 Jolly)
  • Ring Finger. (+2 Sassy)
  • Little Finger. (+2 Lonely)
Have you ever made a pitfall trap?
  • Yes. (+2 Impish, +1 Lonely)
  • No. (+2 Calm)
How quickly do you respond to email?
  • Reply right away. (+1 Hardy, +1 Hasty)
  • May reply, May not. (+2 Quirky)
  • Too much trouble. (+2 Sassy)
It's a pleasant day at the beach. How do you feel?
  • This feels great! (+2 Jolly)
  • Snore... (+2 Relaxed)
  • I want to go home soon! (+2 Hasty)
It's a weekend, but no one will play with you. What do you do?
  • Go on a trip. (+1 Jolly, +1 Lonely)
  • Hang around vacantly. (+1 Calm, +2 Relaxed)
  • Huddle in a corner. (+1 Timid, +3 Lonely)
It's the summer festival! Do you like carnivals?
  • Love them! (+2 Jolly)
  • Don't care. (+1 Sassy, +1 Quirky)
It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?
  • The beach! (+2 Jolly)
  • Spas. (+2 Calm)
  • Anywhere. (+2 Quirky)
On vacation outings, you want to...
  • Go alone. (+1 Hasty, +1 Quirky)
  • Go with others. (+1 Jolly, +1 Lonely)
Somebody calls you "weird but funny." How does that make you feel?
  • Happy! (+1 Naive, +1 Lonely)
  • Not happy. (+1 Hasty, +1 Sassy)
The road forks to the right and left. You are told there is treasure on the right. What do you do?
  • Instantly go right. (+2 Docile)
  • It's a trap! Go left! (+2 Sassy)
  • Choose either side. ( +2 Quirky)
There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it?
  • Full. (+2 Hardy)
  • Half. (+2 Calm)
  • A little. (+2 Quirky)
There is a person you like, but there is no opportunity to get close. What do you do?
  • Bravely declare my love. (+1 Hardy, +3 Brave)
  • Might say hello. (+2 Quirky)
  • Pull a prank to get attention. (+2 Impish)
  • Look from afar. (+2 Timid)
There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react?
  • Yank open the door. (+1 Hardy, +2 Brave)
  • Scream in unison. (+2 Naive)
There is a wallet on the side of the road. What do you do?
  • Turn it in to the police. (+2 Docile)
  • Yay! Yay! (+2 Naive)
  • Is anyone watching... (+2 Impish)
There is an alien invasion! What will you do?
  • Fight. (Proceed to the question below)
  • Run. (+2 Timid)
  • Ignore it. (+2 Relaxed)
You valiantly fight the aliens...but you are defeated. An alien tells you, 'You have impressed us. It was a pleasure to see you. Join us and together we shall rule the world.' How do you reply?
  • Rule with the Aliens! (+1 Sassy, +1 Relaxed)
  • Refuse. (+4 Brave)
What do you do with your room's light when you go to bed?
  • Leave it on. (+1 Timid, +2 Lonely)
  • Turn it off. (+2 Calm)
When the going gets tough, do you get going?
  • Yes. (+2 Hardy, +2 Brave)
  • No. (+2 Sassy, +2 Quirky)
You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?
  • Big Box. (+2 Docile, +1 Naive)
  • Small Box. (+2 Timid, +1 Calm)
You are suddenly locked inside a pitch black room! What do you do?
  • Kick the door. (+2 Timid)
  • Cry. (+2 Lonely)
  • Clean it. (+2 Impish, +1 Quirky)
You broke a rotten egg in your room! What do you do?
  • Open a window right away. (+2 Docile, +1 Hasty)
  • Sniff it first. (+2 Naive, +1 Relaxed)
You come across a treasure chest! What do you do?
  • Open it right away! (+2 Hasty)
  • No...It could be a trap... (+2 Timid)
  • It's going to be empty... (+2 Sassy)
You receive a gift! But you don't know what's in it. You're curious, so what do you do?
  • Open it now. (+2 Hasty)
  • Open it later. (+2 Calm)
  • Get someone to open it. (+2 Timid)
You win a lottery! What do you do with the money?
  • Spend it now. (+2 Jolly, +1 Hasty)
  • Save it. (+1 Hardy, +1 Calm)
  • Give it away. (+2 Brave, +2 Quirky)
Your country's leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her?
  • Speak calmly. (+2 Hardy)
  • Speak nervously. (+2 Docile)
  • WHATEVER! (+2 Sassy)
Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. What do you do?
  • Become irritated. (+2 Hardy)
  • Wait patiently. (+2 Relaxed)
  • Get angry and bail. (+3 Hasty)
Your friend is being bullied! What do you do?
  • Face up to the bully. (+3 Brave)
  • Caution the Bully from afar. (+2 Timid)
  • Heckle the bully from behind. (+2 Impish)
You're going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it's scary you decide to test the rope with a doll...The bungee cord snaps! Do you still try to make the jump?
  • Yes. (+3 Brave, +1 Impish)
  • No. (+2 Docile, +1 Timid)


You appear to be... The brave type. You have a strong sense of justice. You hate evil. You will take on any opponent. You are truly a hero! Go forth! For justice... For peace on earth... Fight the forces of evil! .....If I'm wrong... Work at becoming a true hero! A brave person like you should be...

You appear to be... The calm type. You're capable of giving advice to friends with worries. You don't like to fight. You're a warm, kindhearted person who cares. You must have many friends who look up to you. However... You may also be somewhat gullible. As well as a little careless... And even a little sloppy. You might want to keep those points in mind. A calm person like you should be...

You appear to be... The docile type. You're very kindhearted. Very helpful. You can make friends with anyone. You're a wonderful person. ......Is that going overboard? I don't think so. You yourself should be the best judge of that. A docile peron like you should be...

You appear to be... The hardy type. You do your homework diligently, and you know to eat properly. You have strong willpower that lets you complete tasks, however tough. But, you can also be stubborn to the point of even feuding with friends... Nothing will go right for you when you're irritated, so learn to laugh it off. A hardy person like you should be...

You appear to be... The hasty type. You like to take charge and get things done. You're a real go-getter. But are you also stressed out? You get irritated when your friends don't show up on time. You get frustrated when things don't turn out the way you expect. Maybe you jab the elevator button if the elevator is slow to arrive. ...Maybe you're already jabbing the A Button repeatedly now. Beware--getting to easily irritated just isn't good for your well-being. A hasty person like you should be...

You appear to be... The impish type. You're playful, cheerful, and you love pranks. You're also kindhearted. That's why the people around you find you so irresistible. You must be the most popular person around! Oh? You're not that popular? You're either being modest... or you just don't notice it. I bet people are just too shy to let their feelings be known. There's someone out there who's afraid to declare their love for you! An impish person like you should be...

You appear to be... The jolly type. Always laughing and smiling, you uplift everyone around you. You love jokes! You have lots of friends, and you're popular wherever you go. But sometimes you get carried away and say things that get you in trouble. You should learn to think before saying or doing anything. A jolly person like you should be...

You appear to be... The lonely type. You always act cheerful and jocular around other people. But that's only because you are with other people. However, when you get alone... Do you find yourself feeling oddly depressed? That's why you always want to be with others. But if you go around feeling depressed too much... Your nutritional balance goes out of wack. Eat more vegetables! However... It's not a bad thing to feel lonely. You know what it's like when you aren't alone, so that's why you feel so lonesome. And that's why you aren't really alone. A lonely person like you should be...

You appear to be... The naive type. You are highly curious, and you love rare things. Your cheerful and carefree attitude should make things fun for the people around you. But you do have one flaw. You can be childish. You can never sit still. You're always on the move. You can also be selfish, so you should watch yourself. A naive person like you should be...

You appear to be... The quirky type. People consider you an eccentric who does thing at your own pace. You never break tempo. Your carefree nature make you attractive. But you also happen to be somewhat childish... You are fickle and cause problems for the people who have to go along with you. Maybe people are even upset with you for being so fickle? If you realize how selfishly you're behaving, try to think before you do anything rash. A quirky person like you should be...

You appear to be... The relaxed type. Do you occasionally zone out and miss a bus? Or do you find yourself dozing off? Or is your reaction time a little slower than others? But that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can do things at your own tempo without feeling pressured. You can live in a relaxed and unhurried manner without worries. I think that's a happy lifestyle to be envied, even. You're also surprisingly popular. The way you vacantly stare off into the distance... It should make that someone special's pulse race. A relaxed person like you should be...

You appear to be... The sassy type. You tend to be somewhat cynical. Despite that, there is something appealing and lovable about you. But do you occasionally say something arrogant that angers others? Do you make that mistake? Or have people called you conceited, vain, or selfish? Have people said that about you? Huh? You're telling me to get lost? Why, you... Come here and say that! ......Gasp! ...I'm sorry. I let my feelings run away. I truly regret this, really. Anyway, your cool and aloof attitude is what defines you. It makes you exasperating and appealing at the same time. A sassy person like you should be...

You appear to be... The timid type. You may find it hard to go to the washroom at night. You may also find it too frightening to go back to school to get something you left behind in class. If you're ever walking on a dark street at night, you probably turn around often to check behind you. But your timid nature is also your good point! Because thoe who know fear are those who know true courage. A timid person like you should be...

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