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Character infobox


Use {{Pokemon infobox}} on articles about the species of Pokémon themselves.

|name= By default, this is not necessary, as it will automatically use the article title. In certain cases, such as if an identifier is used in the article title, this can be manually specified.
|image= A representative image of the character - ideally, artwork from the most recently released game. However, if the latest artwork is specialized for that game (i.e. the character's wearing sporting gear, driving a kart, etc.), an older image may be retained as the infobox image instead. Note that the infobox cannot be updated while a game is still upcoming: it can only be changed after the game is released.
|full name= The character's full name. Only use this parameter if the full name is not the same as the title already used for the article or infobox.
|first_appearance= List the first game and (if applicable) the first anime episode that the character appeared in.
|latest_appearance= The latest game (etc.) that the character has appeared in. This does not include upcoming games: the game must have been released before the infobox can be updated. Ongoing serialized comics are not included here.
|species= The character's species. Do not list species the character has briefly turned into or any one-off alternate interpretations).
|gender= The character's gender.
|hometown= The character's hometown of origin.
|region= The region where the character is located.
|class= For Pokémon Trainers, list their class (if applicable, otherwise just list them as Pokémon Trainer)
|relatives= List any relatives and their relation to the character (e.g. for Ash Ketchum, list Delia Ketchum and specify in parentheses that she is his mother)
|portrayed by= Who voiced (or otherwise portrayed) the character
{{character infobox