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Template:Foreign names

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Language Name Meaning

This template allows putting information about the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings in that languages into an article. Note that this template is only for listing names that have appeared in official localizations in other languages. Running the English name through Google Translate or making your own translated name is not acceptable. Also, it is advisable to provide a source.


This template should be placed in the "Names in other languages" section of an article. The syntax is as follows:

{{foreign names
|JapM=Combination of ピカピカ ''pikapika'' (onomatopoeia for sparkle) and チューチュー ''chūchū'' (the sound of mouse squeaking)

The language abbreviation and the abbreviation + M (for Meaning) are parameters. For Japanese and other select languages (see below), the abbreviation + R (for Romanized) can also be used.

There is also an |id= parameter, which is for a class of either a dark color or a light color corresponding to a certain type (a full list can be found at MediaWiki:Common.css).

Supported languages

The following languages are currently supported:

  • Jap (JapR / JapM) - Japanese
    • Jap2 (Jap2R / Jap2M) and Jap3 (Jap3R / Jap3M) for multiple names
  • Ara (AraR / AraM) - Arabic
  • Bul (BulR / BulM) - Bulgarian
  • Chi (ChiR / ChiM) - Chinese
    • ChiS (ChiSR / ChiSM) - Simplified Chinese
    • ChiT (ChiTR / ChiTM) - Traditional Chinese
  • Cro (CroM) - Croatian
  • Cze (CzeM) - Czech
  • Dan (DanM) - Danish
  • Dut (DutM) - Dutch
  • Est (EstM) - Estonian
  • Fin (FinM) - Finnish
  • Fra or Fre (FraM) - French
    • FraA or FreA (FraAM) - American French
    • FraE or FreE (FraEM) - European French
  • Ger (GerM) - German
  • Gre (GreR / GreM) - Greek
  • Heb (HebR / HebM) - Hebrew
  • Hin (HinR / HinM) - Hindi
  • Hun (HunM) - Hungarian
  • Ice (IceM) - Icelandic
  • Ind (IndM) - Indonesian
  • Ita (ItaM) - Italian
  • Kor (KorR / KorM) - Korean
  • Lat (LatM) - Latvian
  • Lit (LitM) - Lithuanian
  • Mal (MalM) - Malay
  • Nor (NorM) - Norwegian
  • Pol (PolM) - Polish
  • Por (PorM) - Portuguese
    • PorA (PorAM) - Brazilian Portuguese
    • PorE (PorEM) - European Portuguese
  • Rom (RomM) - Romanian
  • Rus (RusR / RusM) - Russian
  • Ser (SerM) - Serbian
  • Svk (SvkM) - Slovak
  • Svn (SvnM) - Slovenian
  • Spa (SpaM) - Spanish
    • SpaA (SpaAM) - American Spanish
    • SpaE (SpaEM) - European Spanish
  • Swe (SweM) - Swedish
  • Tha (ThaR / ThaM) - Thai
  • Tur (TurM) - Turkish
  • Ukr (UkrR / UkrM) - Ukrainian