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This template is mainly used to quickly alternate between the Pokémon type icons in the main Pokémon series of video games. Alternatively, it can output a colored link to a Pokémon type. This template is not case-sensitive.

Colored links[edit]

Code Output
{{type|bug}} Bug
{{type|dark}} Dark
{{type|dragon}} Dragon
{{type|electric}} Electric
{{type|fairy}} Fairy
{{type|fighting}} Fighting
{{type|fire}} Fire
{{type|flying}} Flying
{{type|ghost}} Ghost
{{type|grass}} Grass
{{type|ground}} Ground
{{type|ice}} Ice
{{type|normal}} Normal
{{type|poison}} Poison
{{type|psychic}} Psychic
{{type|rock}} Rock
{{type|steel}} Steel
{{type|water}} Water


Code Sprite File link
Generation IV games
{{type|gen4|bug}} Bug type [link]
{{type|gen4|dark}} Dark type [link]
{{type|gen4|dragon}} Dragon type [link]
{{type|gen4|electric}} Electric type [link]
{{type|gen4|fighting}} Fighting type [link]
{{type|gen4|fire}} Fire type [link]
{{type|gen4|flying}} Flying type [link]
{{type|gen4|ghost}} Ghost type [link]
{{type|gen4|grass}} Grass type [link]
{{type|gen4|ground}} Ground type [link]
{{type|gen4|ice}} Ice type [link]
{{type|gen4|normal}} Normal type [link]
{{type|gen4|poison}} Poison type [link]
{{type|gen4|psychic}} Psychic type [link]
{{type|gen4|rock}} Rock type [link]
{{type|gen4|steel}} Steel type [link]
{{type|gen4|water}} Water type [link]
{{type|gen4|???}} ??? type [link]